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After an accident, see a doctor, call your insurance company, and then call Craig Small. He will tell you what to do for your own benefit.

Many things may distract a driver from the road and lead to an car accident:  texting, cell phones, the radio, the weather, eating, inexperience or excessive speed, just to name a few. If a driver is distracted for even a couple of seconds, an accident can occur. We have experts on hand to help you determine what caused your accident.

When injuries result, you need an experienced car accident lawyer to help answer your questions and to make  a plan to account for your losses.

At the Small Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys focus on the best interests of our clients. Attorney Craig Small has been practicing personal injury law since 1994. He works one-on-one with each client and takes a personal interest in your long-term well-being. He has proudly served the Buffalo area, including Amherst & Cheektowaga with reliable legal services.
Car Accident Lawyer Buffalo, NY

Don’t Wait. Act Now.

If you were injured in a car accident, seek medical attention immediately. You may not even realize that you have been injured — and your injuries may be more severe than you think. It is best to proceed with extreme caution for your own health and safety. Symptoms may take days to appear. Not only can a delay in treatment be life-threatening, but the longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to relate those injuries to the accident.

Things to Consider

• Under New York’s No-Fault law, your own insurance carrier will pay your medical bills and wage loss.  You will recover from the negligent driver's insurance company for "pain and suffering" if the at-fault operator caused a “serious” injury. A “serious” injury is generally defined as any fracture, a significantly or totally disabling injury, a disfiguring injury, or death.  It must cause an objective injury that causes a diminished enjoyment of life or the inability to perform daily activities.

• If your injuries are not “serious,” then your “no-fault” insurance policy should pay your medical bills and wage loss for time lost from work. Sometimes, the insurance company refuses to pay pursuant to the policy. If that happens, you may file a complaint against your own insurance company for benefits.

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