Nursing Home Neglect / Pressure Sores

Nursing Home Negligence  & Pressure Sores


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We address both nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Each are actionable. Though similar, “neglect” reflects the failure to provide reasonable care, or the violation of a policy or standard of care. Neglect may involve the failure to pay attention to a resident, the failure to provide regular assistance with hygiene, the failure to feed and nourish, the failure to provide medical attention in order to prevent bed sores or infections, or to treat conditions such as cognitive deficits, diabetes, or the inability to walk independently.

Family members or friends who visit must be aware of the warning signs though they may be difficult to detect. If the resident appears to have lost weight, exhibits bed sores, shows bruising, signs of malnutrition, or behavioral changes, then you should make a report with the nursing staff. In fact, it should be reported immediately.

Some things you can do to prevent nursing home neglect includes ensuring that high risk patients are identified to prevent fall-downs. You can also make sure the mattress is clean, and fits the bed frame properly. This may prevent suffocation.

Moreover, frequent visits by family and friends will help to reduce the possibility of neglect. If you care, they'll care.

Pressure Sores are often the result of the nursing home’s failure to adequately monitor a resident’s daily needs. A pressure sore, medically known as a “decubitus ulcer”, forms when constant pressure on an area of skin reduces blood supply to the skin and nearby tissue. Pressure sores can range from mild reddening of the skin to severe tissue damage that extends through the skin and soft tissue into the bone. Nursing Homes are trained to properly address these kinds of complications and to take steps to prevent them from occurring. If not, a nursing home may be held responsible for the physical effects of this kind of injury. If you suspect that a friend or relative in a nursing home is not receiving proper attention, please let us know. We can help. 
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