Muerte injusta

Wrongful Death


The loss of a family member causes inexpressible grief, made worse by the knowledge that the death occurred due to a negligent, preventable act. We will help you recover compensation to help alleviate your losses and secure your future.

Wrongful death lawyer Craig Z. Small has been practicing wrongful death law since 1994. A friendly, compassionate advocate, he understands the emotional difficulty of each wrongful death case. 

Craig Small delivers personal service in a welcoming environment. You will not be “just a number” to us; you will work directly with experienced and talented personnel. We will fight hard to help recover the maximum amount of compensation available. Please contact us today to set up a consultation.

To determine the amount of compensation a survivor deserves, the law looks at several basic factors: • Economic Loss - Loss of Future Earnings: Working with an expert economist, we can determine how much the deceased individual would have made had he or she worked to retirement. In addition, a spouse can make a claim for services the decedent would have performed – things like helping around the house.

• Guidance to Children: If the deceased individual was a parent, the settlement can include compensation for the intellectual, moral and physical guidance that the children will have lost. 
• Burial and Medical Expenses: The cost of burial plus any medical expenses incurred between the accident and the time of death.
• Pain and Suffering: This refers not to the grief of the survivors, but to any pain experienced by the deceased individual before dying. For example, if he or she was trapped inside a burning vehicle during a fatal car accident, that suffering would warrant compensation. 
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