Settlements / Verdicts

Settlements / Verdicts



Defective House Fan Causes Fire and Death of Infant
A house fan purchased in a local Buffalo hardware store turned out to be defectively dangerous. The Taiwanese-built fan overheated, melted, and caused a house fire. The house fire resulted in the death of a six-month old baby. The parents of the baby survived but not without insurmountable grief. We fought the manufacturer, distributor, and seller. The insurance carriers for the distributor and seller paid $2,000,000.00 (two-million dollars) to settle this case before trial. One of the misfortunes in the case was that the foreign manufacturer never had to answer for importing a dangerous product. We hope that one day Congress will amend our laws to ensure that foreign manufacturers that import dangerous products are held responsible for the harm they cause.

Ambulance Paramedics Dump Patient From Stretcher During Transport
While moving a patient from his home to the ambulance, the stretcher wheels caught a sewer grate causing it to tip over. The patient was thrown onto the ground. Our client suffered neck and back injuries as a result. The insurance company for the ambulance paid a significant settlement because of its failure to keep the patient safe during transport.

Roofer Falls From Roof Striking Dumpster; Right Arm Amputation
The failure to provide safety harnesses to a roofer working on a residential house resulted in a traumatic injury to the worker. The roofer fell from a height of approximately 15 feet onto a garbage dumpster. The injury resulted in several surgeries to save the arm and then amputation. The insurance companies for the general contractor, bank (mortgagor), and employer settled with the employee for more than five million dollars for his pain, suffering, and loss of use of his dominant right hand and arm. 

Jury Awards Bus Aide $1.09 Million Dollars
An Erie County jury awarded a bus aide more than one million dollars for injuries she suffered in a bus accident. The bus for disabled adults was stopped in line at a traffic light. An Erie County Water Authority utility van slammed into the back of the bus. The driver was looking down at his lap-top computer and not watching the road. The bus aide seriously injured her knee requiring arthroscopic surgery. She also injured her neck resulting in multiple disc herniations and excruciating pain. The Defendant's doctor testified she was not hurt that badly. The jury awarded money damages for past and future pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, and past and future medical expenses.

Paramedic Slipped and Fell In Driveway While Responding to Emergency
The failure to maintain a residential driveway in the wintertime resulted in a painful injury to an ambulance paramedic. The elderly home owner had not treated the ice and snow in the driveway for several days. One evening, she called 9-1-1 due to an emergency. On arrival, the paramedic slipped on ice in the driveway. The insurance company of the homeowner paid for the homeowner's failure to maintain the driveway in a safe condition resulting in the significant hand and wrist injury.
Infant Suffered Head Injury at Day Care
A lack of adequate supervision resulted in a young boy being struck in the head by a rock. The rock was thrown by the son of the day care owner. The owner was inside at the time and not watching the children. The boy suffered a fractured skull and subsequent seizures. The case was decided in arbitration. The arbitrator awarded a substantial sum in favor of the young boy for his pain and suffering. 100% of the blame was placed on the day care provider.

Head and Neck Injury from Unsafe Workplace Conditions
This week Small Law Firm settled a serious injury case involving an overhead garage door that struck our client on the head. Our client was walking through a doorway threshold at work when a Rapid Roll garage door descended without warning. She suffered a serious head and neck injury requiring surgery. She has not been able to return to work. The general contractor and door installer, responsible for moving the door to this location, refused to accept responsibility until just before trial. Our experts would have testified the door was not appropriate for the space and violated various building code provisions. Simply, the safety devices on the door were inadequate. We are proud of this result. If you've been hurt, and think you are entitled to worker's compensation, call Craig Small.

Slip and Fall at Shopping Plaza, Broken Knee
This shopping plaza violated the basic safety rule of maintaining the breezeway in a safe condition. One week before trial, the defendant admitted negligence. The plaza owner allowed the outside of its plaza entranceway to deteriorate because of ongoing lease negotiations with its tenant. Ice formed on the sidewalk because of its dilapidated roof and drainage system. Our client slipped, fell and broke her knee, requiring surgery. She continues to suffer harm and loss as a result of the injury. We resolved the case against the plaza owner, tenant, and snow contractor in her favor.

Pedestrian Hit Crossing Street 
Our client was struck by the operator of a pickup truck with a snow plow attachment to the vehicle. The accident occurred in Fredonia, NY while she was crossing the street within the crosswalk. Injuries included a tibia/fibula (leg) fracture, open reduction/internal fixation, further surgery to remove screws, as well as a bone graft. She is totally and permanently disabled. This case settled against the operator’s insurance carrier. 

Van Driver Rear-Ended by Bus on Thruway 
Our client, in the course of his employment, was struck from behind while traveling on the NYS Thruway by the operator of a large passenger bus. As a result, he sustained a serious knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery. He also aggravated a prior neck injury involving herniated disks. The case was settled with the bus company’s insurance company. 

Client Hit By Car That Crossed Center Line 
A young male was operating his vehicle on French Road in Cheektowaga, NY when the operator of another vehicle crossed the center line and side-swiped his vehicle. He sustained serious injury to his neck and back, including cervical and lumbar disc herniation. Fortunately, he did not require surgery. The insurance company attempted to disclaim coverage by alleging the driver intentionally crossed the center line. We prevailed against the carrier and secured a settlement for our client. 

Wrongful Death, Mother of 2 Killed on Motorcycle 
This firm recovered a settlement for the children of a young lady who was killed while a passenger on a motorcycle. Another vehicle failed to yield the right of way and turned directly in front of the motorcycle, causing a collision. The mother died at the scene. Our firm represented the estate against those responsible including the motorcycle operator and the car driver. The settlement was approved by the Niagara County Surrogates Court. 

Automobile, School Bus Accident, Back Surgery 
In this case, we settled a case against a negligent school bus operator that caused serious injuries to our client. The injuries to this school teacher resulted in permanent disability following numerous surgeries and complications of infection following surgery. 

Passenger, One-Car Accident, Fell Asleep At Wheel, Traumatic Brain Injury 
This case was settled against the insurance carrier when the operator of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel and struck a highway median. Our client, asleep in the van, suffered a traumatic head and neck injury, resulting in permanent brain damage. 

Construction Worker, Fall From Roof
This individual fell 20 feet from a rooftop under renovation and landed on a fence post below. He suffered rib fractures and a back injury that required surgery.

Construction Worker, Back Injury During Transport of Materials, Required Surgeries
This person was injured while carrying drywall on a construction site. He suffered a significant back injury when carrying boards with a co-worker who misjudged a door header.

Medical Facility Patient, Fell Following CPD Testing, Sustained Fractures
Our client suffered multiple fractures and underwent two surgeries to her legs after falling in the doctor’s office. 

Trip and Fall in Basement, Knee Injury and DVT 
Contractor tripped and fell in a basement, striking his knee. Complications included DVT, causing continuous oozing and disability.

Passenger/Rear-End Automobile Accident
This client, with underlying degenerative changes, underwent multiple neck surgeries following a rear-end automobile accident. 

Rear-End Automobile Accident/Traumatic Brain Injury/Seizure Disorder 
This case involved multiple vehicles in a rear-end accident. The victim’s head struck the rear window of his pickup truck, resulting in a serious head and neck injury.

T-Bone Automobile Collision with Taxi/UM Coverage/Neck and Back Surgery
This client recovered from the liability company and under his own carrier’s UM policy because of serious injuries. He underwent an L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1 laminectomy with bilateral L3-4, L4-5 micro-discectomy and fusion.

Slip and Fall on Steep Restaurant Porch Ramp
The client suffered a serious leg fracture and back injury following a fall on a slippery exit ramp at a local establishment.

Dog Bit Woman’s Face
The client was walking a dog on her own street when a neighbor’s dog escaped from home and attacked the client’s dog and then bit her on the neighborhood sidewalk, resulting lacerations and scarring.

Ladder Collapse and Fall From Roof
This client fell at least 20 feet when a ladder “kicked-out” due to a slippery surface, causing a refrigeration worker bilateral calcaneus fractures and eight subsequent surgical procedures.
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