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Construction Worker, Fall From Roof
This individual fell 20 feet from a rooftop under renovation and landed on a fence post below. He suffered rib fractures and a back injury that required surgery.

Construction Worker, Back Injury During Transport of Materials, Required Surgeries
This person was injured while carrying drywall on a construction site. He suffered a significant back injury when carrying boards with a co-worker who misjudged a door header.

Medical Facility Patient, Fell Following CPD Testing, Sustained Fractures
Our client suffered multiple fractures and underwent two surgeries to her legs after falling in the doctor’s office. 

Trip and Fall in Basement, Knee Injury and DVT 
Contractor tripped and fell in a basement, striking his knee. Complications included DVT, causing continuous oozing and disability.

Passenger/Rear-End Automobile Accident
This client, with underlying degenerative changes, underwent multiple neck surgeries following a rear-end automobile accident. 

Rear-End Automobile Accident/Traumatic Brain Injury/Seizure Disorder 
This case involved multiple vehicles in a rear-end accident. The victim’s head struck the rear window of his pickup truck, resulting in a serious head and neck injury.

T-Bone Automobile Collision with Taxi/UM Coverage/Neck and Back Surgery
This client recovered from the liability company and under his own carrier’s UM policy because of serious injuries. He underwent an L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1 laminectomy with bilateral L3-4, L4-5 micro-discectomy and fusion.

Slip and Fall on Steep Restaurant Porch Ramp
The client suffered a serious leg fracture and back injury following a fall on a slippery exit ramp at a local establishment.

Dog Bit Woman’s Face
The client was walking a dog on her own street when a neighbor’s dog escaped from home and attacked the client’s dog and then bit her on the neighborhood sidewalk, resulting lacerations and scarring.

Ladder Collapse and Fall From Roof
This client fell at least 20 feet when a ladder “kicked-out” due to a slippery surface, causing a refrigeration worker bilateral calcaneus fractures and eight subsequent surgical procedures.
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